About this blog

My name is Max Barraclough, I am a Creative Director within the holiday industry, artist, investor, and most recently an investment blogger. I have set myself the goal of making £1 Million within 10 years in the stock market. This blog is about how I do it, plus a few other things that have shaped the decisions I make.

I begun with a little over £165,000 made up of two existing accounts, my Stocks & Shares ISA (£68,000) and Vantage Fund & Share Account (£97,000) both of which are with a broker called Hargreaves Lansdown. I plan to add £24,000 cash (£2,000 per month) every year. My compound interest calculator App tells me that I need to make an average annual gain of 13.7% for 10 years. This will increase my portfolio value to £1,166,681.15. If I were to start at £0 the portfolio would grow to £517,515.17 in 10 years.

The latest summary is Year 5, month 12. The portfolio is £448,767.92. The 5 year average annual gain is 9.55%.

The writer inside

Book cover artwork for Within Ten YearsIt began with the idea of writing a book, not that my stories are any more interesting than the next person, for me there is something calming in writing down ones experiences. This blog is a kind of workshop, a journal, diary, a place to improve my writing and simply put things out there. It may also appeal to those who want to follow how I do it as I am doing it. As for the book cover artwork, that’s merely future projection.


I am not a Financial Adviser, this blog is not financial advice. I am a self-taught investor and remain work in progress. Apart from my investment I do not receive any benefits, money or otherwise from the companies I talk about.