Year 5 summary, month 12: £448,767.92 up 11.65%

Arrowing pointing up2017 has been my second highest annual return in five years! The portfolio is up £33,062.72, 11.65% (returns exclude cash paid in).

The figures are a little skewed in this final summary of 2017 due to the addition of funds added to the Vantage portfolio. An original plan to add £24,000 each year has not happened thus far, so I have put some of the cash from recent property sales (£132,000) into the portfolio to make up for it.

Portfolio end of year summary, gain/loss at 01/12/2017:

Total Fund £448,767.92 up £33,062.72, 11.65%
Stocks & Shares ISA is £204,098.08, up £26,122.80 (Total inc. cash addition £20,000 from Vantage £46,122.80), 16.54%
Vantage Fund & Share Account is £203,032.48, up £2,726.90 (Total inc. cash addition £132,000, minus £20,000 transfer to ISA £114,726.90), 3.09%
SIPP is £41,637.36, up £4,213.02, 11.26%

Year 1 return: 11.78%
Year 2 return: 8.55%
Year 3 + year 4 return: 15.76% (combined as no weekly records kept)
Year 5 return: 11.65%
Year 1 to year 5 average return: 9.55%
(returns exclude cash paid in)

View a summary of the shares (excludes cash) held within each account at 30/12/2017, click on the links below:

Vantage Portfolio Summary 301217
SIPP Portfolio Summary 301217

ISA Portfolio Summary 301217

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