My Bitcoin up 1,348%

Bitcoin 2017 ChartIt was back in December 2013 when I purchased £500 worth of Bitcoin which at the time gave me 0.7 BTC. I kept it to £500 as this was the amount I would initially invest in a single company, larger amounts for investments funds. I was tempted to round things up to to a whole Bitcoin, nonetheless I stuck to my rules and was happy with 0.7 of a Bitcoin.

You can read my post at the time Taking a punt with Bitcoin here.

The value of my Bitcoin fell shortly afterwards and I forgot about it in a kind of ‘just ignore it’ sort of way. Until 2017!

So currently (31/12/17) my 0.7 BTC is worth £7,240.85, a whopping 1,348% increase! Earlier this month it was even higher at over £10,000!

There has been a lot of talk about digital currency this year surrounding the rise of Bitcoin throughout 2017. A number of other digital currencies have come on the scene such as Ethereum and Litecoin, but for now at least, I will stick with my original Bitcoin investment. I am interested to see how far this will go, I am reading everything from a Bitcoin crash to a Bitcoin being worth £1 Million in 5 years. At least for now anyway, I am finding it entertaining and a great source of conversation.

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