My Bitcoin up 1,348%

Bitcoin 2017 ChartIt was back in December 2013 when I purchased £500 worth of Bitcoin which at the time gave me 0.7 BTC. I kept it to £500 as this was the amount I would initially invest in a single company, larger amounts for investments funds. I was tempted to round things up to to a whole Bitcoin, nonetheless I stuck to my rules and was happy with 0.7 of a Bitcoin.

You can read my post at the time Taking a punt with Bitcoin here.

The value of my Bitcoin fell shortly afterwards and I forgot about it in a kind of ‘just ignore it’ sort of way. Until 2017!

So currently (31/12/17) my 0.7 BTC is worth £7,240.85, a whopping 1,348% increase! Earlier this month it was even higher at over £10,000!

There has been a lot of talk about digital currency this year surrounding the rise of Bitcoin throughout 2017. A number of other digital currencies have come on the scene such as Ethereum and Litecoin, but for now at least, I will stick with my original Bitcoin investment. I am interested to see how far this will go, I am reading everything from a Bitcoin crash to a Bitcoin being worth £1 Million in 5 years. At least for now anyway, I am finding it entertaining and a great source of conversation.

Year 5 summary, month 12: £448,767.92 up 11.65%

Arrowing pointing up2017 has been my second highest annual return in five years! The portfolio is up £33,062.72, 11.65% (returns exclude cash paid in).

The figures are a little skewed in this final summary of 2017 due to the addition of funds added to the Vantage portfolio. An original plan to add £24,000 each year has not happened thus far, so I have put some of the cash from recent property sales (£132,000) into the portfolio to make up for it.

Portfolio end of year summary, gain/loss at 01/12/2017:

Total Fund £448,767.92 up £33,062.72, 11.65%
Stocks & Shares ISA is £204,098.08, up £26,122.80 (Total inc. cash addition £20,000 from Vantage £46,122.80), 16.54%
Vantage Fund & Share Account is £203,032.48, up £2,726.90 (Total inc. cash addition £132,000, minus £20,000 transfer to ISA £114,726.90), 3.09%
SIPP is £41,637.36, up £4,213.02, 11.26%

Year 1 return: 11.78%
Year 2 return: 8.55%
Year 3 + year 4 return: 15.76% (combined as no weekly records kept)
Year 5 return: 11.65%
Year 1 to year 5 average return: 9.55%
(returns exclude cash paid in)

View a summary of the shares (excludes cash) held within each account at 30/12/2017, click on the links below:

Vantage Portfolio Summary 301217
SIPP Portfolio Summary 301217

ISA Portfolio Summary 301217

2017 my first £1 Million milestone

2017-05-16 at 18-40-09

Cafe in Nice at the time my portfolio passed the £1 Million mark

I couldn’t have been in a better location when my overall portfolio of shares and property passed £1 Million net value. I was in the South of France, in the beautiful city of Nice having a few days away following a busy first part of the year. It was a particularly good week on the markets, I was sat outside a cafe enjoying the company of my partner and watching the world go by, we had ordered champagne for no reason other than ‘why not’! It was May 6th 2017 at around 6:40pm when I checked the progress of my shares which had increased sufficiently to push my overall portfolio across the £1 Million mark. My first instinct was to message my old business partner, however in my excitement and after one or two glasses of bubbles I sent the message to the wrong person!


Investment, Patek Philippe Nautilus

I wanted to mark the occasion and I always thought that I would buy myself something, perhaps an item that would appreciate in value. A friend had introduced the watch brand Patek Philippe to me, having researched I found that these watches can be a good investment. Later that year I took a trip to London and purchased a Patek Philippe Nautilus, a second hand model from Burlington Arcade which bizarrely was considerably more expensive than a new one. However, having visited the Patek Philippe shop on Bond Street I was quickly illuminated to the 8 year waiting list for a new Nautilus which is currently closed to new names!

I loved buying this watch, I love wearing it, I love what it stands for. I feel an immense sense of appreciation every day that I hold and wear it. I think of my life so far and all its blessings, particularly those that light me today. I hope one day to pass it and its story to a younger Barraclough generation.


Portfolio screen shot at the time it passed £1 Million

My overall portfolio is spread across property and shares, at the time more weighted to property. I have since sold some property and moved the cash into shares, the mix today (31/12/2017) aprox. £550,000 (net value) in property (excluding my own house) and £450,000 in shares. There is also £50,000 in what I call ‘other’ investments. Albeit still weighted to property, I expect the shares portion to catch up over next few years giving me an even balance between the two.

I have a conservative value on my properties, a realistic price, if anything slightly undervalued. I keep a regular eye on similar properties for sale and sold in each area, adjusting my valuations accordingly.