Year 5, month 1: £283,705.20 up 15.76%

Arrowing pointing upHappy New Year. I am back on track following 2 years of zero posts, my investments have remained active this past 24 months even if my blogging has not. My plan for 2017 is to post summaries once a month plus the usual investment info that catches my interest. The numbers here are unusual due to them being compared to the last summary from the beginning of 2015 (year 3). The portfolio now has the addition of a SIPP, this is it’s first entry therefore has no change summary.

Portfolio summary, gain/loss at 01/01/2017:

Total Fund £283,705.20 up £33,532.21, 15.76%
Stocks & Shares ISA is £157,975.28, up £53,292.32, 50.91%
Vantage Fund & Share Account is £88,305.58, down -£19,760.11, -18.29%
SIPP is £37,424.34

Year 1 return: 11.78%
Year 2 return: 8.55%
Year 3 + year 4 return: 15.76% (combined as no weekly records kept)
Year 1 to year 4 average return: 9.02%
(returns exclude cash paid in)

View a summary of the shares (excludes cash) held within each account at 01/01/2017, click on the links below:

ISA Portfolio Summary 010117
Vantage Portfolio Summary 010117
SIPP Portfolio Summary 010117

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