Year 3, week 1: £212,748.65 up 6.51%

Arrowing pointing upGosh, where have the last 24 months gone. Two years ago was the last time I saved my portfolio summaries and it has taken me until now to post them. My plan for 2017 is to get back into my blog, starting tomorrow on New Year’s Day with my latest summaries followed by monthly posts, weekly summaries I feel are a little over kill. So here it is, two years late, figures a little unusual as they are compared to numbers from over 5 months ago. Note that funds have been moved from Vantage to ISA (Bed & ISA) hence a big gain in one and loss in the other.

Portfolio summary, gain/loss at 01/01/2015:

Total Fund £212,748.65 up £13,006.80, 6.51%
Stocks & Shares ISA is £104,682.96, up £17,529.60, 20.11%
Vantage Fund & Share Account is £108,065.69, down -£4,522.80, -4.02%

View a summary of the shares (excludes cash) held within each account at 01/01/2015, click on the links below:

ISA Portfolio Summary 010115
Vantage Portfolio Summary 010115